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“'Close To Ecstasy' is a joyous exuberant piece, brilliantly crafted on all levels and with great textural and melodic writing” [BBC Radio 3 presenter Andrew McGregor; the judges verdict on Simon's winning entry in the 'Jazz Composition for Small Ensemble' category, 2018 British Composer Awards]

“Uplifting improvisational grooves, classy chops and exotic percussion, there's no shortage of beautifully striking moments scattered throughout the Simon Lasky Group's second outing.” [All About Jazz album review, July 2019]

“At times this is a thrilling album…there are certainly plenty of moments in ‘About The Moment’ that take your breath away.” [Rob Mallows, London Jazz News album review, March 2018] 

“....fantastic new album from British composer/pianist Simon Lasky...” [NPR, Mike Cornette on 'All Night Jazz' show on WUSF, October 2018]

“This is an amazing album, really classy and so melodic. I can totally recommend it.” [Georg Pilger, JazzRockTV review, Germany, August 2018]

“Simon Lasky's second disc as leader-composer takes music's big moments as its starting point. He is ambitious in trying to squeeze as many moments of tension and release out of his band as he can.” [3-star review in Jazzwise magazine, February 2018]

“At times this is a thrilling album…there are certainly plenty of moments in ‘About The Moment’ that take your breath away.” [Rob Mallows, London Jazz News album review, March 2018] 

“Excellent new album from piano player and composer Simon Lasky…” [Helen Mayhew,  JazzFM ‘True Brit’ show, February 2018] 

“‘About The Moment’ is a wonderful album that will appeal to a large jazz audience. Highly recommended.” [Jan Veldman,  Jazz In Europe review, February 2018] 

“…a hugely impressive follow up to ‘Story Inside’ (2015 release on ’33Jazz’ label) on the part of Lasky and his group.” [Euan Dixon,  JazzViews magazine review, December 2017] 

“With influences from Pat Metheny, Simon’s new compositions are startling, exciting, atmospheric and highly effective.” [Marc Edwards,  Jazz in Reading, Henley Standard review, October 2017] 

“Lasky’s musical knowledge and arranging skills mean everything is in its right place and the quality of the recording reflects the harmonious nature of the playing.” [Jazzwise Magazine; Peter Bacon CD review, April 2016]

“Exceptionally good debut album by Simon Lasky.” [JazzFM; Ruth Fisher on ‘The Blueprint’ show, February 2016]

“Great debut with stand-out flugelhorn sound. Story Inside feels like a paean to well-constructed, uncluttered composition and honest-to-goodness musical texture.” [London Jazz News; Rob Mallows CD review, October 2015]

4/5stars; Excellent; Lasky has a classical grounding and it shows but he also understands jazz and there is a freshness to this music which is lacking in many contemporaries.” [Kind Of Jazz; Sammy Stein CD review, February 2016] 

Lasky’s music is atmospheric, melodic, airy, thoughtful and often influenced by the Pat Metheny Group without being too derivative. The musicians’ mellow tones and the laidback nature of the music means that the results are relaxing but they are also filled with subtle creativity with much of the heat being directly below the surface. ‘Story Inside’ will grow on listeners and is well worth exploring.” [Los Angeles Jazz Scene; Scott Yanow CD review, July 2015]

“British composer/pianist Simon Lasky is the real deal.” [Judy Carmichael, host of U.S National Public Radio’s weekly ‘Jazz Inspired’ show, June 2016]

“…One of the best debut albums I have heard in recent years.” [Black Country Radio; Alan Musson on ‘Jazz Kaleidoscope’ show, September 2016]

Pianist and composer Simon Lasky leads his consummate 6-piece outfit across nine new tracks of impassioned improvisation, all of which showcase the skill and talent of this first class collective. [The Musician; Keith Ames CD review, Autumn 2015]

“Simon, your music is very melodic and very beautiful.” [Chucho Valdes, Ronnie Scott’s, July 2015]